Empower Brand New Retail, Reach Millions of Social Media Users
Empower Brand New Retail, Reach Millions of Social Media Users

Online & Offline Integration

Unified online and offline integration management empower the offline scene for brand building an efficient and low-cost social communication channel.

Closed-Loop of Mobile Retail

WeChat service account and Mini program solution achieve the closed-loop of mobile retail for brand E-commerce.

Fulfill Diverse Retail

It can be managed as an independent online store whether it is a single store or multi stores, a KOL store or operation center of headquater.

Establish Flagship Store

With merchandise management,CRM system, cross-border payment and logistics functions, closed loop retail brand management provide convenient shopping experience with AI care, E-ticket, tired pricing and cross-border payment services.

AI Smart Customer Service


Tiered Pricing

Cross-border Payment Service

Diversified Marketing Assistant

Marketing package includes coupons on demand, courtesy gifts, coupon codes, package purchases and group-on purchases, which attribute boundlessness to brand marketing with openness and fission of social communication, together with brand awareness of 720 degrees panoramas and E-zines.

Marketing Package

720-degree Panoramas



It enables online and offline membership management and benefits, develop consumer upgrade plans, and interpret the brand’s reputation and marketing value through social media as of multi-perspective and multi-scenarios, which promote the brand quickly and complete the sales at the same time.

AI Smart Customer Care

Electronic Ticket

Tired Pricing

Cross-border Payment

Exquisite Theme

High-class brand E-commerce store, align with theme of the brand, builds a unique look with its own features.

Metabolic Inc.



Social Advertising

Extensive advertising formats, low-cost and high-evaluation data can be evaluated to bring technology-driven social media advertising channels to the brand from one billion users with accurate targeting mechanism.

Data Service

Through the big data foundation capability of the Business Cloud Platform, it provides multi-dimensional data analysis services to fully understand the effects of passenger flow, customer groups, transactions, commodities and marketing activities, and drive the development process.

Localized Operating Services

Through the dual drive of innovation IT technology and creative digital marketing, it empowers brands and sales to provide platform operations management, marketing consulting services and enhance experience services, data analysis services, multinational support services, and provide real-time customer services.

Brand Type

Applicable to multi-dimensional brand types, suppliers are most welcome.

Brand Activation

Only three steps are needed to develop a social E-commerce business with high efficiency and low costs to
achieve new growth of the mobile terminal