About Us
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About Us
Witness More Exciting Moment With You

Our Vision

Enring is providing cutting-edge IT and digital marketing services based on Cloud Service that help brands and organizations to reach customers and audiences via mobile/social apps such as WeChat, LINE and Facebook Messenger. With our services, our clients can promote their brands and products and build their exclusive online businesses in smarter, cheaper, and faster way. We currently have four branches (Auckland, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai) and serving 280+ clients.

In October 2017, Enring was funded by ZINO Ventures and New Zealand Venture Investment Fund, for a total of 2.5 million U.S. dollars. As of February 2018, Enring International Holding Limited had a valuation of over 15 million U.S. dollars. In terms of mobile/social biosystem utilization, Enring is one of the best service providers in NZ. We proudly provide one-stop total solutions: marketing/sales consultation, platform/solution delivery, IT development, account operations, payment, and big data analytics.

Till now


Enring Shanghai R &D was founded.


Year-end Team Building

All employers from New Zealand, Australia, Japan and China grouped together in fiji, the beautiful pacific island, for a four-day team build. It strengthened the cohesiveness of the team and subdued the centripetal force of the company with beautiful blue sea and blue sky.


China-New Zealand Innovation and Commercialization Conference 2017

‘Ideas to life’ jointly organized by the University of Auckland Innovation Institute and in collaboration with the top-ranked institute, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. It was held in Hangzhou Xiasha Technology City. Enring is committed to jointly promoting the commercialization of innovative projects and signed a memorandum of cooperation in this forum as the pioneer of the ‘Internet+’ innovation technology industry.


Enring Japan was founded in Tokyo.


Partner Conference

Enring hosted the partner conference with the theme of 'Cooperation and Win-Win" , expouding Enring's new perspectives and win-win trends from multiple perspectives of traffic, investment and ecology.


Enring Austrlalia PTY Ltd was founded in Sydney Australia.


Honored for Investment

Enring entered an agreement with ZINO ventures and NZ Venture Investment Fund Ltd and received funds approximately US $2.5 million.


Return to Merchants Conference

Enring launched the second Return to Merchants Conference with idea of “ You have a deal, I have the platform” to thank merchants who have supported Enring and celebrate the excellent performance in the New Kiwis Challenge.


Won 2017 NKC Championship

Enring team went through preliminary preparations and screening to enter the finals of the New Kiwis Challenge in New Zealand. The New Kiwis Challenge was organized by IceHouse, Ice Angels, Uniservices from HUAXIN Venture investment, ZINO ventures and New Zealand Angels Investment Association (AANZ). Enring team eventually won the 2017 championship and $10,000 prize, and subsequently represented New Zealand in the Alibaba Global Entrepreneurship competition in Australia.


Enring New Zealand Limited was founded


Social E-commerce Sharing Conference

Second Enring Social E-commerce Sharing Event has once again strongly promoted the second sharing event after the previous one . It focused on sharing the marketing capabilities and traffic acquisition capabilities of the business cloud platform.


Merchants Feedback Conference

The first Enring Social E-commeerce Sharing Event brought together hundreds of local cross-border e-commerce practitioners to share experiences in industry trends, market movement, and business cloud platform services , and good thing is that more merchants signed the contract on site.


Business Cloud V1.0 was live

It provided the best internet IT products and utilizing forward-looking creativity to provide independent cross-border E-commerce practitioners with independent traffic channels solutions